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Information for models

Dear Model, Welcome to Erotichna.
Here you will find information for our working conditions.
What is Erotichna?

Erotichna is a adult entreatment web page and production company.

We do production of video and photos for:

What is the style of videos?


Full nude, playful, stylish and passion. We show all but in style.

Hands around pusy and masturbate.

What will be my video price?


We do general 4-6 video with one model. Each video $200

It means you earnign $800 to $1.000 from us.

How we can organize?

You can work with us for all this companies. You need to fill up the from first. Choose which brand and concepts are okay for you.

After we confirm your shootings with the brands. With the confirmation of the brand that they want to work with you we plan all shootings. 

How long is the shooting?

Day 1: Ariving to location

Day 2: Shooting day (2 video)

Day 3:Shooting day (2 video)

Day4: Going back home.

Travel cost and extras?

Yes we pay your travel cost and your stay. Where you going to stay will be depending of location. But we like to work in a style and we always provide best options what is possible. When you are with us, you do not need to pay for noting like food, your drinks etc...   

What I need to bring with me?

For each shooting we will give you mood board and examples what you need to bring with you for your outfit.


Nude Level:
Upload File

Thank You!
We will contact you and 

we wish we can work tougher soon!

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